Upcoming Dorrance Author Events

  Upcoming Dorrance Author Events

October 1: Vusi Gumbi Book Launch for Don’t Kill the Dead

1:30 PM  |  The BAT Centre

Durban, South Africa


The South African literary community will find Vusi Gumbi’s book refreshing. In Don’t Kill the Dead we follow Detective Allison Cowes as she investigates a series of murders and assualts of young children. She must battle familial obligations, political intrigue, discrimination and her own emotional turmoil in order to solve the case. 


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October 18-19: Dr. Richard L. Cooper Presentation

The American Society of Agronomy National Meetings

San Antonio, TX


Dr. Richard L. Cooper will be presenting a talk based on his book during the second half of the ASA National Meetings. An expert in the field of agricultural research, Dr. Cooper will share advice about academic politics aimed at graduate students and young professionals.


Click here for more about An Introduction to the Academic Politics in Agricultural Research


Author’s Feature Article; Book Review Team Formed

Author pens feature in time for Jewish Holidays

Joel Cohen, author of Moses and Jesus: A Conversation (Dorrance, 2008), has written a feature article for the online news site Huffington Post. With the Jewish High Holidays fast-approaching, Cohen took the opportunity to discuss the taboo subject of hell and a new book on the matter. The article and book continue Cohen’s unique approach to comparative religion, in which he envisages dialogues among historical and holy figures.

Read the full article from Huffington Post.

Learn more about Moses and Jesus: A Conversation.

Become a Member of Our Book Review Team! 

We’re just like you. We like books. We read books. And we like to share our thoughts on the books we’ve read.. Who are we? We’re members of the Dorrance Book Review Team.

Our Book Review Team is compiled of readers and lovers of books. Whether you enjoy popular fiction or poetry, American history or works for children we have a book you may be interested in. 
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Dorrance Authors in the News

Recent Event: Hope Braveheart Book Launch for The Mist of Winter
Sept. 6  |  Rock’n Fish  |  Laguna Beach, CA

Dorrance is happy to report on a successful book launch event for Hope Braveheart, author of The Mist of Winter, in Laguna Beach, CA. Over 40 attendees met the author and discussed her novel about an abused woman who turns to her own “human web” for support. The event was supported by the local House of Ruth which received nearly $1000 in donations.Click here for more about The Mist of Winter

The Case of the Unknown Woman: 
The Story of One of the Most Intriguing Murder Mysteries of the Nineteenth Century
by F. Alexander Shipley

This is a fascinating tale based on an actual event that began on March 26, 1887, when a young woman was found murdered in a field on the outskirts of Rahway, New Jersey. F. Alexander Shipley has provided a detailed history of the investigation into this murder, including numerous identifications of the victim and several confessions to this horrendous crime.

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